Your Brain Needs a Break

You know when your body needs a break. You’re tired, weak, and exhausted. But have you ever had the feeling that it’s really not your body that needs a rest, it’s actually your brain?  Even if you take prescription medications for anxiety or depression, you still have to take care of your mind. Just like... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Dedication

For the past few decades, I’ve celebrated Hanukkah.  I’ve always thought of Hanukkah as the season for miracles. But it doesn’t feel right to try to take on “miracles” in a blog post at this time. Instead, since the word “Hanukkah” in Hebrew means “dedication,” let’s see what that word could mean for you at... Continue Reading →

Confidence Doesn’t Come in a Bottle

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve experienced some kind of loss. Maybe you’ve experienced the loss of a job, loss of health (including mental health), a breakup, not getting a promotion, or a failed business, to name a few. Loss can take a toll on self-confidence.  If you’re accustomed to performing at a high level... Continue Reading →

Like a Fish Out of Water

When you suffer from anxiety and/or depression,  some days you seem perfectly normal- you’re swimming along and everything is just fine.  Other days, you feel like a fish out of water- a stranger in your own body, and your mind has you convinced that you’ll never breathe easy again.  You feel alone, disconnected,  and like... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Pharmacy Counter

I’m Mary Sheehan Registered Pharmacist and Modern Medicine Woman. Although prescription medications can be incredible tools for overcoming anxiety and depression they aren’t the be all end all for restoring health and happiness.  In this series: I’ll challenge popular misconceptions about the role of antidepressants so that you can see what possible solutions exist beyond... Continue Reading →

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