Today is a Great Day to Reconnect

Over Memorial Day weekend I was able to reconnect with someone from high school. I hadn’t seen him since the ‘80s, and it was fun to catch up. At some point in our trip down memory lane, I asked him about his only sibling, his sister. The mood went from light to serious as he... Continue Reading →

The 3 Question Rule

She who asks the questions, has the power. Use the power of questions to gain clarity and empathy, leading the way to stress-free work environment.

Healthy Habits Made Easier

“Do it with a good heart.” That’s something my father used to say whenever one of us kids would complain about having to do a chore. What he meant was that whatever it is you’re doing, do it with love and care. This philosophy can be applied to healthy habits. So, whether you’re making a... Continue Reading →

The Remedy for Modern Healthcare

Early in my career, I spent most of my time distributing medications. I would spend most of my day moving pills from a big bottle to a little bottle and then giving those pills to patients. Today, automation does most of this for me. I also spent a lot of my time educating patients and... Continue Reading →

Your Brain Needs a Break

You know when your body needs a break. You’re tired, weak, and exhausted. But have you ever had the feeling that it’s really not your body that needs a rest, it’s actually your brain?  Even if you take prescription medications for anxiety or depression, you still have to take care of your mind. Just like... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Work-Life Balance

Six years ago, I had an eye-opening experience while attending a conference for women business owners. One of the keynote speakers was Sharon Lechter, author of Think and Grow Rich for Women. At the beginning of her talk, Sharon had us all stand up and keep perfectly still while trying to balance on one foot.... Continue Reading →

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