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How to Make Small Changes that Stick

Today my daughter said, “Mom, I listen to what you say. I read your blog posts. But then I try to make changes and then I forget.” Sounds really familiar, doesn’t it? I think many of us struggle with this same problem.  Little changes are powerful. Just making small changes to your diet such as… Continue Reading →

Today is a Great Day to Reconnect

Over Memorial Day weekend I was able to reconnect with someone from high school. I hadn’t seen him since the ‘80s, and it was fun to catch up. At some point in our trip down memory lane, I asked him about his only sibling, his sister. The mood went from light to serious as he… Continue Reading →

Don’t Let the F-Word Stop You from Doing Your Job

No, not that f-word. I’ll explain more in a second. First, I have to tell you about an incredible moment in the drive-through window the other day.  I was in the middle doing of four things. I was stressed out, distracted, irritable, and edgy. I was called to the drive-through window to counsel a patient… Continue Reading →