A Fun Way to Change Things Up

A few years ago, during a particularly challenging time in my career, I decided I needed a way to find some joy in my work again. I dreaded going to work. My positive attitude tricks were failing. I knew I needed to break out the big guns to win this battle of workplace blues.  Suddenly,… Continue Reading →

Don’t Be a Joy-Killer

I have a confession to make. In the past, I used to be very judgemental about what other people did for fun. When someone told me all about what a good time they had, I’m sure they could see it on my face as I thought, “What’s so fascinating about collecting antiques?” or “What a… Continue Reading →

Find Your Fun

If someone asked you, “What do you do to have fun?” would you respond with a blank stare? That’s understandable. You’ve been busy taking care of your patients by working extra hours to give them vaccines. You’re helping your family. You’re worried about the state of things. All of these activities have left you with… Continue Reading →

Seek Wisdom Not Just Knowledge

I used to be a compounding pharmacist. I spent some time mixing bio-identical hormones, but the majority of my time was spent consulting with women and their prescribers on the best formulations of those hormones, as well as researching herbs and supplements tailored to each woman suffering from hormone imbalance.   At that time, about twenty… Continue Reading →

Your Inner Pharmacy

Twelve years ago, I was working in the pharmacy when I noticed a man looking very anxious walking quickly toward the pharmacy. He was in his twenties, was wearing scrubs and his name badge from the hospital said “Victor.” Before he could even get within 10 feet of the pharmacy counter, I came around to… Continue Reading →

Asking for Help is a Skill

With the demands of getting the Covid-19 vaccine to the public, you’ve got more to do than ever before. You can’t do everything that needs done all on your own. You need help and the best way to get it is to ask for it. Asking for help may not come naturally to you. It’s… Continue Reading →

Creating an Environment for Change

The other day I was looking at the word of the day from Word Genius. The word was ailurophile, which means “cat lover,” if you’re curious. These new and unusual words have landed in my inbox every day for years. And every day I vow to try to incorporate the word into my vernacular. But… Continue Reading →

Are Grudges Keeping You Down?

I recently spoke to a colleague, let’s call her Sage. We were having a great discussion about the future of pharmacy. As we chatted, the topic shifted to Sage’s past employer. She had an incident with a former employer that led to her leaving the company. Her boss didn’t threaten or harass Sage, rather, he… Continue Reading →


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