Should You Stay or Go?

“When we are no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves." -Viktor Frankl Sometimes there is nothing you can do to make things better. This happens with relationships, with health, and with work. We’ve all had challenges in one if not all of these areas especially over the past few... Continue Reading →

How to Become More Involved in Your Community

Image via Unsplash How to Become More Involved in Your Community - By Emma Grace Brown- guest blogger Strong communities are essential to the well-being of their members. They provide opportunities for social connection and create a sense of belonging among neighbors while also ensuring residents can live safe, fulfilling lives.  But for a community to... Continue Reading →

What To Do When Things Get Tough

Any time you’re  starting a new journey, such as a new job, you’re really excited about all of the possibilities. You have all these great ideas about what the job is going to be like and how it will fulfill your goals for yourself personally and professionally.  After some time, you realize things aren’t quite... Continue Reading →

Building Communitas in 2022

2022 has barely begyn and I learned an inspiring new word: Communitas- No, I did not make it up. It’s not “community." It’s a latin word that means a strong sense of solidarity and bonding that develops among people experiencing a ritual, rite of passage or other transitional state together.  Let’s back up a bit... Continue Reading →

Battling Burnout

A guest post by Emma Grace Brown The term “burnout” isn’t just a word used to describe a long or particularly trying day - it’s a real syndrome recognized by the World Health Organization. It consists of mental and physical exhaustion from workplace stress that leads to feelings of negativity and disconnection. Left unaddressed, burnout... Continue Reading →

Finding Meaning after Loss

Most of us in healthcare are familiar with On Grief and Grieving that David Kessler wrote with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross based on Kubler-Ross’s work with the terminally ill. People experience grief much like they experience death in five stages. The stages are anger, denial, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. As David Kessler points out these stages are... Continue Reading →

A Strategic Move for Your Career

Do you have a strategy for getting what you want out of your career? When you want to achieve goals—big or small—in your career, you need a way to reach them.  Too often we, in healthcare, have a goal, but we don’t have a strategy. The goal can be one you have for yourself or... Continue Reading →

Get the Thank You

I’ve seen this situation played out countless times: a very confused and frustrated patient askes for help choosing a remedy in the cough and cold section. Here comes her hero, from behind the pharmacy counter, in the white lab coat to save the day. He chooses the perfect medicine for what ails her. The pharmacist... Continue Reading →

Nurture Your Creativity

Almost every one of my healthcare friends has some sort of artistic endeavor they’re passionate about. I know a pharmacist that plays Oboe professionally, a nurse that repurposes scrap metal and makes them into funky fishing rod holders. I also know a social worker that writes poetry.  You probably have a creative outlet too—something you... Continue Reading →

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