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How to Rebuild After Betrayal

Suppose someone is telling you a story about how their business partner, whom they’ve known for a long time and trusted, has been stealing from the business. They’ve stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars over several decades. The person telling you this story is understandably hurt, distraught, and unsure of how to move forward.  You … Continue reading How to Rebuild After Betrayal

A Tale of Two Baskets

I’ve worked with the public for many many years. Some people are nice and some aren’t. To help with the “not so nice” public, I created a simple mind trick that helped my team build relationships, change behaviors, and meet corporate metrics.  Think back to the last difficult customer you’ve had. Maybe they were mean, … Continue reading A Tale of Two Baskets

Daily Report of a Recently Freed Pharmacist

Photo by Jennifer Morrow With permission from my friend and pharmacist, Jennifer Morrow, I share with you excerpts from her journal beginning the day she left her retail pharmacy job, which she calls, Daily Report of a Recently Freed Pharmacist.  I’ve added comments. Her words are in italics. Having done all she could to make … Continue reading Daily Report of a Recently Freed Pharmacist

Should You Stay or Go?

“When we are no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves.” -Viktor Frankl Sometimes there is nothing you can do to make things better. This happens with relationships, with health, and with work. We’ve all had challenges in one if not all of these areas especially over the past few … Continue reading Should You Stay or Go?

How to Become More Involved in Your Community

Image via Unsplash How to Become More Involved in Your Community – By Emma Grace Brown- guest blogger Strong communities are essential to the well-being of their members. They provide opportunities for social connection and create a sense of belonging among neighbors while also ensuring residents can live safe, fulfilling lives.  But for a community to … Continue reading How to Become More Involved in Your Community


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